Invited! NFU invitational conference ‘Organizing for Improvement’ in London

Quality improvement in health care is about delivering better outcomes and experiences for patients. Improvement appears to be necessary but hard. In this invitational conference on 26th of April in London we will explore what organizational contexts actually help improving care for patients on a scale and intensity beyond losely scattered improvement projects: how to create a structural situation is which steering efforts have their natural place and are likely to be effective? Join us!


  • Richard Bohmer MD, PhD, Professor of Management Practise, Harvard Business School (VS) (conditionally confirmed); he recently published about The Hard Work of Health Care Transformation
  • Brent James MD, PhD, Chief Quality Officer at Intermountain Health Care (VS) (video attendance confirmed). For more than 20 years, Brent James has championed the standardization of clinical care through data collection and analysis on a wide variety of treatment protocols and complex care processes.
  • Kees Ahaus, PhD, Professor of Healthcare Management, University of Groningen / University Medical Center Groningen (confirmed). Kees Ahaus is chair of the Expert Committee of the NFU- program Steering on Quality and former CEO of the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Pitchers from Dutch academic and general (teaching) hospitals will bring cases into the dialogue.

What time? 
5.00 PM - 7.30 PM (doors open at 4.30 pm).

Who are invitated? 
All employees, patients and students from the eight Dutch university medical centers, and participants of our collaborating partner the Dutch National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland); moreover we will invite a group of participants from Dutch general (teaching) hospitals.

Our program Steering on Quality (Sturen op Kwaliteit) is aimed at facilitating Hospital Executive Boards in their accounability for quality of care and its improvement. What we discussed before in plenary sessions en felt to be essential: having the right information and clarification on quality (Utrecht, Greet & Meet Citrien, November 2016) and balancing the reporting burden to improvement (Gothenburg, April 2016).  

More details will be sent within some weeks to the NFU-attendees of the International Forum and the other invited persons.