NFU-consortium Quality of Care

The eight university medical centres (UMCs) in the Netherlands, collaborating in the Netherlands Federation of UMCs (NFU), work together in the NFU-consortium Quality of Care to improve the outcome and experience of their patients.

NFU-consortium Quality of Care map

The NFU-consortium Quality of Care builds on available academic knowledge, and connects health care professionals, researchers and policy makers from the UMCs and other (knowledge) institutes on quality of care initiatives. The consortium facilitates sharing knowledge and experience in patient care by organizing invitationals and symposia.

Read a summary of our current 4-year plan (2017-2020).

In Topaas, the eight UMCs work together in three programs:

  • Improvement of Quality – where they work for shared topics on their own quality improvement with help of each other.
  • Steering on Quality – where they work on providing board members of medical centres with useful information on the quality of their patient care.
  • Education on Quality – where they provide a MSc-curriculum on Quality and Safety in Patient Care for health care professionals.

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