Afbeelding Ambition NFU-consortium Quality of Care

Future-Proof Healthcare

For the 2021–2023 period, the mission of the Consortium is to distinctly contribute to sustainable, personalised healthcare and resilient care professionals. These are the essential components for future-proof healthcare. This is what the Consortium has described in its 2021–2023 multi-year plan. The Consortium is implementing important components from the NFU vision on quality Meer waarde voor de patiënt (more value for the patient) in the multi-year plan. The core of the multi-year plan is summarised in a clear infographic.

Sustainable, Personalised Healthcare

The healthcare of the future is focused on the wants and needs of the individual patient. Healthcare will no longer be organised on the basis of standards derived from the results for an average of the population: the move will increasingly be towards personalised healthcare. Progress in this direction was initiated years ago with the “Waardegedreven Zorg” (value-driven care) programme and will be continued along the same lines. It means that healthcare will be organised around pathologies, and it will be focused on outcomes that are important to the patient. In this process, the Consortium is focused on knowledge and implementation questions that are essential for putting personalised healthcare into practice and that are focused on further improving this healthcare. Core elements that the Consortium focuses on are:

  • multi-disciplinary and regional collaborations and
  • prerequisites for the application and improvement of personalised healthcare (data, costs, and funding).

Resilient Care Professionals

Providing optimal and safe healthcare requires a resilient care professional. They are energetic, physically fit, and mentally strong. To improve the healthcare, care professionals should be able to collaborate in a safe environment and learn from the healthcare provided together. This includes learning from incidents, best practices, and personal results (self-reflection). To do this, there must be a good balance between load and capacity, and it also requires leadership and scope for providing this meaningful healthcare. The Consortium is focused on contributing to knowledge in this area to stimulate the resilience of healthcare professionals. In this way, this priority also intersects with different parts of the “Anders verantwoorden” (accountability change) and “Waardegedreven zorg” (value-driven healthcare) programmes.

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